1. giiid

    Nice shot, – and interesting to study!

  2. SighMan

    I also find myself studying it extensively; the way his right arms bends unnaturally out of the back of his head, and the suspense of wondering if he lands his trick or lands bruised on the floor lol great shot

  3. WildBlack

    Thanks giid! I think you should try!! 😀
    Thanks sighMan. It is interesting to watch too. A good subject to photograph when they jump with the board. As you mentioned the suspense is another factor. In this one he lands safely and successfully! 😀

  4. chloë

    the noise looks great, adds to the character
    i have to agree his arm is bent abnormally lol i keep looking & looking 🙂
    action shots are great to look at well done

  5. chloë

    i would trade my autumn for your summer, i hate the cold.
    here’s how the first photo went; i was walking my dog, we stopped at the park, i let him off the leash & threw his ball, then out the corner of my eye I spotted something bright & it was the leaf right near my head 😀
    i was so excited over it I stood there for ages, my pup even barked at me to through the ball he’d dropped at my feet lol!!
    i didn’t take any leaves home but next time i’ll try it; what happens to them(?)
    p.s i like your new logo layout 🙂 tres cool xx

  6. Ed

    Great shot, you can almost hear the SK8R music in the background..:-)


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