What do you think of this guy?(in white jersey). This was no accident!! Now a days, Sports isn’t really sport any more! The spirit is missing from the Sportsman. it’s like do hard or die hard!

It was a good game though…to watch; really hardcore 😉

Polo – British started this game in India and the world accepted it… as in most cases 😀

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  1. shafeel

    nice capture….I really missed this shot…and I like the way you make them in B&W.

  2. Ed

    Excellent shot, sometimes it a win at all costs world..:-)

  3. Lee Tan

    Wohh precise shot!! Regards for putting up.

  4. Linda

    It does have great action even if its lacking in the sportsmanship department.

  5. dibear

    I love the shots of Polo. 🙂

  6. Gordon

    Wow! Fabulous action shot!

  7. Far Side of Fifty Photos

    Great shot..even the horse looks angry. I like that it is a black and white too! Your photography is marvelous:)

  8. Henry G L

    wow!! its all about power n action, great tone for a perfect crispy pic.

  9. Janice

    Wow nice shot. I would say you caught the nature of the sport….even if that guy lacks a Sportsmen like spirit.It sure is something you see a lot of…..(lack of)

  10. Connie Smiley

    Wow, you really captured the moment. Great shot!


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