…couple of pics from my recent trip to Kenya. Where we went for the Hot-Air Balloon ride over the Masai Mara National reserve to witness the wildebeest migration.

Can you see the wildebeests in the backdrop?

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  1. Brenda

    That had to be an incredible event. The view is amazing!

  2. siany

    Wow very cool! though I’d be a tad nervous up there, imagine if you dropped your camera, or worse, yourself… haha Thanks for commenting on my blog!

  3. dibear

    Beautiful! Where was this taken Nivin?

  4. Ed

    Fantastic, did you get to witness one of the river crossings with the crocs??

  5. Laughing Orca Ranch

    Fabulous! I’m glad you mentioned the wildebeest, as I was too focused on the lovely hot air balloon and though the black things were just trees. lol!

  6. thecrazysheeplady

    All the black is animals??? That’s incredible. Nice shots!!!

  7. Just Ramblin' Pier

    I love these! They remind me of when my brother and I use to follow the balloons during the big balloon race. Very nice shots. : )

  8. seotool


  9. Janice

    Wow as cool as that is I’m not that adventurous…..good thing for us you are.

  10. ann new zealand

    Did you enjoy the hot air baslloon ride, In Australia. they start at 6am, otherwise it gets too hot. I guess, it is the same in Kenya.


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