SundayStills: Looking Low/Looking High!

by | May 15, 2011 | 11 comments

I was ‘Looking High’ this time..

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Dear All, Hope you all might have gone through my last post. Please do watch the video embedded in that post.

Please do contribute generously for a great cause. Thank you all!

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God Bless!


  1. Ed

    Beautiful minerette and a great shot..:-)

  2. ann

    is this a mosque?

    • WildBlack

      It is a minaret!(one of the 4 towers of the mosque)

  3. Sofia

    That is one amazing shot!

  4. Lori Skoog

    You have taken so many exotic…gorgeous photos! I’m very impressed, as usual.

  5. Michelle

    I love those railings – they are just gorgeous. I adore this photo!

  6. Sherry in MT

    That is very nice – can you give us more information on where it is and what it is?

  7. Brenda

    amazing how the building stands out against the sky.

    • WildBlack

      Thank you all! 😀 I simply love your comments on my winks! I’m a very lazy blogger but all your comments makes me do better every time I click and post in sundaystills.

      @Ed: Thanks dude
      @Sofia & Threecollie: Thanks a lot.
      @LooriSkoog & Michelle & Brenda: Thank you so much.
      @RegularGuy: Thank you! That sky was the main reason for that shot 🙂
      @Sherry: Thank you! This is a minaret(one of the towers of the Sheikh Zayed mosque in UAE)


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