Hey Friends,

This week I would like to share something special!! …But first of all, the rusty pictures..

…..the view of a Bengal Tiger ‘behind the bars’,

…and a Busted & Rusted!!

For more rust Visit Sunday Stillers! 😀


Just came across this video last weekend. Most of you may know about him. DO watch this video, it chokes your emotion.

And a reliable source confirms that the organisation CHARITY WATER is indeed something reliable.


My better half has volunteered to raise funds for the same cause, and I would be very happy if each one of you could contribute to make a wonderful difference in somebody’s life who has been very unfortunate to even enjoy the basic necessities which we take for granted. You could take this step by visiting this link,

My Charity Water 

I would like to give away couple of my best photos for those who would like to contribute to this cause. The only thing you need to do is to contribute an amount(not less than 60$, please note that you can make a wonderful difference to the life of 3 people with this amount) and let me know by posting a comment or sending an email to me. I’ll send you the full size picture without any watermarks and it can be used for printing or for any other personal use. I’m not selling my picture here, I’m just doing my part for a great cause and I do believe that every drop counts!! 😀

Hope you all can be a part of this!!

Share your thoughts!!


  1. Ed

    Great shots and a great cause, I’ll let ya know when I make the donation..:-)

  2. Stan

    Beautiful and surreal sky! Great catch —

  3. ann chin

    The tiger gnawed on the rods/bars? You better not go near, in case the tiger breaks out.

  4. Ebie

    Love that first shot, the colors are so vivid!

    That’s a great cause!

  5. Ebie

    The colors on the bars are so vivid! The splash of water drop is nicely capture!

    This is a great cause!

  6. Chloe

    nice rust photos niv & what a good cause, your wife is so lovely

  7. dibear

    Great choice of “rust” pictures. 🙂

  8. achieve1dream

    Those are great pictures. I love the first one.

  9. Laughing Orca Ranch

    Great rust shots. I also really like your water shot, too.

    Have a beautiful day,

    ps It’s snowing here in New Mexico, USA.

  10. Sherry in MT

    Busted and Rusted made me laugh! Thanks for sharing your other message as well and I love that last photo.

  11. Brenda

    I would love to see the tiger in focus with the bars in the foreground. Great cause. great cause. water is one of our basics for survival. I wished there was an easy way to do the portable filtration system that we have for camping.

  12. Wild Dingo

    Great Rust shots! don’t think i’d trust those rusty bars tho… geesh…

    love the water shots too. and a neat charity. In CA water is seriously an issue and I was always running around shutting off faucets too. we have our own wells and some day i hope to put in one of those rain catchers systems on our property.

  13. Wild Dingo

    oh and my rust shots will be late again this week. sigh. too much going on…

  14. Michelle

    Love the Bengal. Great idea to help out the charity too….Kudos for that!

  15. Henry

    Great rust shots, quite unique focus. No words to say about ‘Water’ how sad no body care about the future. One thing that comes to my mind is to appreciate Abu Dhabi muncipality took the initative to issue free services to cap the taps with water flow controllers (am not sure what it is called) but it have really helped people to reduce their comsumption by half for sure.

    Highly appreciate and thanks to you guys for bringing this cause.

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Share your thoughts!!

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